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Sometimes I take pictures of my toys.


Ni No Kuni: Dominion of the Dark

(DS/JP/December 9, 2010)

Absolutely beautiful. This set is worth getting for the book alone.

Anonymous asked: yo i hope you get an angelit & get W/L Genbu! :D

Me too, Anon.

But I actually really like W/D Meimei too. :T


real pic of baron destroying tumblr




i….was suppose to make matching icons……

I wonder why some of you follow me :u



Fuck you, allseeingeyeofgod

If I ever get an angelit, I’ll just reverse the evolution.

For now, leggy Meimei


Desktop organizer.

meezdeez7 said: Man, I’m convinced I can’t get any cool rare cards unless I spend some money. I still haven’t gotten a 2nd nico… :(

Everything I’ve pulled is sheer dumb luck. I haven’t paid a single cent yet.

Its the desire sensor, man. It knows you’re looking for waifus. I kinda just roll without expecting anything.

I wish I had this luck with Puzzle and Dragons.

Waifu collecting the game